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    Automation tools that free you up from simple repetitive admin tasks by letting different applications “talk”

Software plays a key role in any business. However as an organisation becomes more digitally enabled, it is easy to become bogged down with data entry and manual checking - trying to keep multiple business applications "in sync".

We need them to communicate. We need data from one system to automatically pull through to another. Mesh solves this problem.

Break free from the simple admin tasks bogging down your business!

Mesh maintains focus on accurate data integration by using cutting edge technology to eliminate errors.

Custom integrations for businesses with complex processes

Mesh doesn't force your business to change to suit the software. We can customise any aspect of any automation to perfectly fit your existing business processes.

Automate your marketing

Mesh can pull your product data from any supported source, and convert it into data feeds for various marketing platforms such as Google Shopping or Facebook Marketplaces.

Fault tolerant, reliabile & automatic

Mesh deals with a raft of problems related to reilably communicating between many pieces of software on completely different platforms - ensuring maximum reliability.

A room full of software - but no one’s talking!

A room full of software - but no one’s talking!

Business software is great at helping businesses be efficient. But each software application speaks in its own language and has its own way of processing data.

The various pieces of software used by your business are like a room full of people who all speak different languages - sharing no common way to communicate!

This bogs you down with excessive administration - trying to be that communication tool by manually keeping the various pieces of software in sync.

Automate your business processes with Mesh

Let Mesh be that "common language" for your business applications - allowing them to communicate and stay in sync. We can then configure automated processes that translate data from one application into updates to another application.

Many solutions attempt to tackle this problem - but provide very rigid frameworks - requiring you to rearrange your business processes to fit how the software works.

Mesh can be fully configured & customised to ensure your automations fit your existing business processes like a glove.

Example Integrations

Zest by Zeald




Facebook Marketplace

Google Shopping





Cin 7



  • Robyns Cottage increased online sales by 30% by automating their product feed to Google Shopping

Convert your product data into automated marketing feeds

Mesh can be used to translate product data from any application into marketing feeds for Google Shopping, Fackebook Marketplace or any other custom format you may need.

Google Shopping

Mesh can automatically pull products from your feed directly from your existing product databases into a Google Shopping feed - so your product ads appear on the Search Engine Results Page when potential customers run a search for them online.

Facebook Marketplace

Mesh allows you to connect your eCommerce website, accounting system or inventory control system to the Facebook Marketplace - automatically loads your products directly from your website or other software onto Facebook.

Fault tolerance, performance monitoring & visibility

Communicating with lots of different SaaS products or even offline software can be difficult. What do we do if an order comes in on your website but your accounting system is offline at that moment?

Mesh provides multiple layers of fault tolerance to deal with these types of varied situations, and ensure your data is kept in sync regardless of faults that may occur.

If Mesh encounters a fault it cannot resolve, it will eventually flag the issue for manual intervention.

The detailed logging & carefully crafted Mesh user interface drastically simplify the process of identifying issues, tracking down the cause and determining an appropriate resolution.

Fault tolerance, performance monitoring & visibility

Integration for custom, legacy or offline software?

Mesh is built with this situation in mind.

A huge amount of businesses have custom software that their business heavily relies on. Often this software is legacy, and sometimes without even an interface to the internet.

We can build a custom interface to your software - allowing it to communicate with Mesh. From there the path to integrating this application with a raft of other software (whose language Mesh already speaks) is a lot easier.

Contact us now to let us know your requirements & we will advise you on the best path forward!

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Integration for custom, legacy or offline software?

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